About Us

Hopdata was founded with a singular mission:

Hopdata’s mission is to simplify the process of making machine learning models and to give your models stronger predictive power.

At HopData, our vision is that anyone can create powerful predictive models and they don’t need a team of PhD scientists to accomplish this. Born in 2014 and with team members in Seattle, Milwaukee and India we are experts in statistics, computer science, and machine learning.

Our cloud platform solves common challenges that come from trying to clean data, test redundant models against data, develop strong predictive models and deploy into a streaming data environment. We simplify all of this into a set of APIs that allows any developer to seamlessly integrate machine learning into web, mobile and business applications.

The role of data in business is rapidly changing. Smart businesses are unleashing the power of machine learning for making predictive decisions. Our machine learning models not only understand basic linear trends in data, they understand the attributive properties of data and how changes in variables can affect an outcome. Use Hopdata to give your business the power of predictive decision-making today.